I have been making music for decades. Why haven’t you heard of me before? It’s mainly because I never fit in to what was happening in the music industry at the time. But now, thanks to social media and the indie music revolution, I don’t have to.

A lot of the music I have created over the years has first and foremost been for my own sanity. Music helped me survive a difficult childhood. But during lockdown this year I started learning to play the piano, and within 8 weeks I had written a song. The verse is based on a guitar riff I came up with when I was 22, but the rest of it just poured right out of me. And – when I release it next year – you can listen and decide for yourself, but I was struck by how it demonstrates the complexity of my musical thinking. For the first time in ages I feel this is something that people should hear, and there is more where it came from. And what’s more, I have things to say about music and art and the importance of tradition that no one else seems to be saying.

I began writing and recording my own music when I was 16 or 17. My first multitrack recording was bounced back and forth between two portable cassette decks with a Y-connector. It sounds terrible. I still have a copy of it. It features a tempo and time signature change between the verse and chorus. I basically do the same trick with Burn Out, Fade Away from The Caning EP that I am about to release. As long as you don’t overdo them, some tricks never get old.